David and Marlene's Wedding Artwork
December 30, 2003

7pm (many happy years ago)

Alvarado SDA church

Alvarado SDA church


From Cleburne/Fort Worth
From Dallas

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November 26, 2003. Marlene was at home goofing off on her computer when David knocked at her door. She grabbed her cat to make sure he wouldn't try to escape and opened the door wide, standing behind the door to let David come in. David just stood there, so Marlene stepped in front of the door and closer to the doorway.

David handed Marlene a red rose with one hand, apparently taking it from some stuff he was holding out of sight in the other hand and said "I".
David handed Marlene another red rose and said "Love".
By this time Marlene knows what's going to happen next and wonders how many more roses she's going to have to try to hold onto while holding a squirming cat at the same time.
Third rose, and David said "You".
Another rose, and David said "Will".
David said "You", along with giving Marlene the fifth red rose.
David hands over a dozen roses with an extra rose stuck in the middle and said "Marry".
Finally one more dozen roses while David said "Me?".
Marlene said something, probably "Sure why not", grinning from ear to ear, as David came in the apartment so Marlene could put the cat down. David took that as a "Yes".

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