David and Marlene's Wedding Artwork
December 30, 2003

7pm (many happy years ago)

Alvarado SDA church

Alvarado SDA church


From Cleburne/Fort Worth
From Dallas

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Marlene's Family

The greatest dad on earth. As a kid my brother and I were slightly afraid of him, because he was always gone and we didn't really know him. We always knew that underneath the sometimes gruff exterior was a big soft teddy bear and as we grew up we saw the teddy bear come out more and more. He is the person who taught me most of what I know about God and His love. He gave me good bits of advice when I was a kid, most of which I've either forgotten or put into use so much that I can't remember him telling me about it. But the one thing that will always stand out as his best advice was when he told me (years before I met David) to marry my best friend.

Mom is... Just mom. She's always been there for me, even when I wished she was very far away. She taught me so much as a child and even keeps teaching me things as an adult. She taught me how to read and encouraged my love affair with books. She grounded me, spanked me, hugged me and loved me. She bought me wonderful gifts for my birthday and taught me how to knit and sew. Every year as a kid we'd go buy shoes for church. They were always black or white Mary Jane style. When I was six, K-Mart had one pair of RED Mary Janes that were in my size. I begged and pleaded to get them. Mom said I'd get tired of the red, and they didn't match my Sabbath clothes. But she bought them for me anyway. (They turned out to be one of my all time favorite pairs of shoes! ;)

Matt's my little brother and like all little brothers when they're young, he loved to annoy his big sister. Mostly by trying to hang around me all the time when I had friends over. He used to say that no matter where I lived, he was going to live right next door to me. Eventually he grew up and became less attached to me, but I still thought he was annoying. We were born 15 months apart, and people always thought we were twins. We obviously aren't, but in some ways I feel like he is my twin. Now that we're both grown up, I've found that my brother isn't as annoying as I always thought (perhaps because he doesn't live next door) and that we have an awful lot more in common that I thought. In 2002, he married a wonderful girl named Virginia. Most of my life I said I wanted a sister and now I finally have one. Yay! :)

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