David and Marlene's Wedding Artwork
December 30, 2003

7pm (many happy years ago)

Alvarado SDA church

Alvarado SDA church


From Cleburne/Fort Worth
From Dallas

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About the Bride and Groom

David is a very talented computer geek. He can figure out how to use just about any computer program, and can come up with many ways to improve the program. He's also got a talent for music and is a wonderful piano player (even if he is out of practice). He was also blessed with a fantastic skill for navigating. If he goes to a place once, he can generally remember how to get back there again. Even if he isn't the one driving. He enjoys cartoons (Educational Programming), reading, surfing the web, playing with Marlene's cat, bugging Marlene, being bugged by Marlene, driving around with Marlene looking for tree covered roads, watching movies and playing computer games.

Marlene is also currently a computer geek, but she hopes to someday leave the computer field and become an animal behaviorist. She's always been crazy about animals, cats in particular, and decided one day as she gave a friend advice on how to train his new cat that she'd love to do that all day and get paid for it. She enjoys reading (mostly fantasy), surfing the web, watching TV, playing with her cat, bugging David, being bugged by David, driving around with David looking for tree covered roads, watching movies and playing computer games.

How They Met
They met during Marlene's freshman year in college, David had graduated the previous spring and was hired on full time to take care of the network that he built as a student. Marlene had a summer class with David's brother Ryan, who worked as a student in the OIS department with David. Marlene started asking Ryan a bunch of questions about the computer systems on campus and Ryan finally told her to ask David because he didn't know the answers. Soon Marlene started hanging out in David's office when she wasn't in class or working and became friends with David. She fell in love with him fairly quickly, but it took David quite a bit longer to fall for Marlene. She patiently stuck by him and her persistence won out in the end!

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