David and Marlene's Wedding Artwork
December 30, 2003

7pm (many happy years ago)

Alvarado SDA church

Alvarado SDA church


From Cleburne/Fort Worth
From Dallas

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David's Family

Well, since Marlene's already stolen "greatest dad on earth", I'll go with smartest dad on earth. I was the first of the 1.5 kids I think it was supposed to be. My dad, Steve, double majored in math and physics in college and then went on to a career in computing. I found this out after I signed up to major in computer science and double minor in math and physics. My dad named my brother Ryan, who shares my dad and his dad's initials: SRS. He bought an Apple II soon after they became available in 1978. He wanted my brother and I to grow up with computers. Soon after we moved to from Tennessee to Texas in 1980, he taught me a few lines of BASIC on that Apple computer. (I was already very fast at typing "etchasketch", the name of one of the programs I ran often on the computer. I think I was faster because I noticed the repetition of "etch".) I believe I asked my dad for more stuff on BASIC within a few hours of the quick introduction, to which he replied that I should look it up. I've been figuring out computer stuff ever since and I owe the no brainer choice of career to my dad for introducing me to a hobby that I definitely enjoy and have a good aptitude for (even if I do say so myself).

I'm told my mom ate a lot of popcorn before I was born. I can believe it 'cause she still ate quite a bit when I was a kid. Perhaps that's why I'm not that fond of popcorn... :) My mom named me after a student of hers when she taught in grade school (if I remember correctly), though I share my middle name with my dad and his dad: Ray. My mom stayed at home to raise my brother and I until we were both in school, then she got a job working at the college town grocery story in the natural foods department. She eventually became the manager of the department, where I later worked as one of the jack of all trades jobs I did for the store while I was in my junior and senior years at Chisholm Trail Academy. My mom's knowledge of healthy stuff is encyclopedic. My mom, Marilyn, also loves to birdwatch and taught cradle roll at the various Adventist churches we've attended for over two decades. She now teaches in the kindergarten class at the Niles Michigan church.

Before my brother was born, my parents had wanted a girl and were apparently pretty keen on the idea. I wanted a brother and as the story goes, made my wishes well known. Obviously I got what I wanted and as I understand it, I was very proud that I got a brother. When we were young, I'm told I wouldn't let him get into anything, probably being overprotective of him. I think it probably annoyed him at least a little bit. We didn't always get along even though we spent most of our time together playing games we made up, turning on the water spigot at the digging place when we weren't supposed to (and getting muddy with hard to clean clay) and later "securing" Scales Hall at Southwestern Adventist University during the summers when we went to work with our dad. After I graduated, I moved into an apartment of my own. When my parents moved to Michigan and home moved away from us, I shared my apartment with Ryan for awhile. He then married Angela and they ended up buying a house built to their spec in a new development. He lives in south Fort Worth, just a few jogs in the road from Huguley Hospital where he works taking pictures of people's insides as an X-ray technician.

Amy, my ten years younger sister, learned to be a pest from the start. Her goal in life seemed to be to make sure her brothers didn't forget she was around. Friends and relatives didn't necessarily help Ryan and my situation by saying that she was just doing what sisters were supposed to do. It took her a few attempts to learn that no matter how much she bugged us, we really do love her and because we are older, stronger and "wiser", we can generally thwart her every poke and prod while still minimizing the chance that she hit too hard on her way past to the floor. (Ryan and I having a few years practice bugging each other didn't hurt our abilities of strategy much either.) That was when my little sister was younger. Now she's a young lady in her twenties and I don't get to see her nearly enough since she moved with my parents to Michigan a few years ago and then later got a job as a Certified Nurse's Assistant in central Indiana. She still knows I love her even if I can't give her stuffing squeezing hugs nearly as often as I used to.

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