David and Marlene's Wedding Artwork
December 30, 2003

7pm (many happy years ago)

Alvarado SDA church

Alvarado SDA church


From Cleburne/Fort Worth
From Dallas

About the Couple

About the Bridal Party

About the Bride's Family

About the Groom's Family



About the Bridal Party

David's Attendants
Best Man: Ryan Sowder
Ryan Sowder is David's younger brother and one of David's best friends. David was best man at Ryan's wedding last year. You can read more about Ryan here.

Marlene's Attendants
Matron of Honor: Virginia Morley
Virginia is Marlene's younger brother Matthew's wonderful wife, she's a very sweet, loving and creative person. Marlene is honored to call her a friend *and* a sister. She met Matthew when they worked at CiCi's Pizza in Cleburne and several years later they were married. She was Matthew's first and only girlfriend.

Norman Martin
Norm Martin is the husband of a former colleague of David's, Dickie Martin, who was secretary to the president of SWAU for years. Mr. Martin was also Marlene's math teacher for her third semester of remedial math at SWAU. David mentioned his name when officiants were being discussed and after Marlene remembered the face with the name, she knew that's definitely who she wanted to marry them if he could. Fortunately for David and Marlene, he's agreed to perform the wedding.

Matthew Morley, Jerry Potter
Matthew is the bride's younger brother and more about him can be found here. Matthew will be using Marlene's camera and will be taking the more casual photos during the ceremony and reception.
Jerry Potter works in the financial aid office at SWAU and happens to be an excellent photographer. David worked with both Jerry and his wife Sharon for a number of years. Marlene worked with Sharon during the summer of her freshman year at SWAU. Jerry will be taking formal portraits and event photos such as the cutting of the cake and tossing of the garter.

Reception helper(s)
Natalie Howard, Kari Homan
Natalie is a coworker of Marlene's. She does a fantastic "Wicked Witch of the West" impersonation, is a graduate of clown college and an overall wonderful lady. She has two adorable twin boys and has a husband that is no doubt as lovely as she is. She's active in her church and is a witness for Christ by just being herself, a talent Marlene hopes to further develop in herself.

Kenneth Short
Kenneth Short is the husband of a colleague of Marlene's and is also in charge of the sound system for the Alvarado SDA church where David has attended since about 1980 (and where Marlene recently transferred). His wife Kathie has graciously volunteered his services for the ceremony.


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